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Stefani Milovanska-Farrington!

  • ASSISTANT TEACHING PROFESSOR of Economics at the University of Tampa

  • IZA Institute of Labor Economics, Research Affiliate (https://www.iza.org/people/affiliates/30911/stefani-milovanska-farrington)

  • Author of the textbook “Microeconomics: The Science of Choice” (2021)

  • Winner of 9 mathematical contests

  • Researcher and author of academic articles with a passion for analyzing, learning and teaching

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My name is Stefani Milovanska-Farrington, and I teach Microeconomics at the University of Tampa. I obtained my PhD in economics from the University of South Florida in 2018. My research interests include Labor, Family, Health and Education economics. I have won a number of mathematical contests, and have published articles in academic journals including Economics and Human Biology, Education Economics, Journal of Family and Economic Issues, Journal of Economics and Finance, Journal of Economics Studies, Studies in Microeconomics, Research in Economics, and others. I joined the IZA network as a Research Affiliate in 2021.

Although I have spent time conducting research, my passion has always been teaching. I am also the author of “Microeconomics: The Science of Choice,” a book designed for Principles of Microeconomics classes. I have also led teaching trainings and have delivered a number of presentations.

My CV, teaching philosophy statement, teaching narrative, publications and contact information are available on this website.

Thank you for your interest once again!

Stefani Milovanska-Farrington, Ph.D.